Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 unproductive years... Umm..23 actually ! Nope, its.. almost 24, Go .. yay :)

This year...

i was supposed to be preoccupied with "the entrance exam" ...

and my career !

But honestly....this year.. i have struggled the most,

just to be My self !

And though none fellow being ,nor anything i perceived or learnt has been

"approving" of it...

This year , nevertheless, and like never before, i was ..

so transitory...full of wanderlust..

Hell, I dont even have a set of resolutions for next year..

I dont have any plans...

may be..i am gonna dissolve into this meticulous surgical resident..

Fancy Alignment !

But, there is also this dream of absolving..

from it, I and everything..time and again..

So , rather bit more meticulously , i have been rounding up a " List "..

full of 'thousand splendid... stuff .. like regular alter ego pursuits...

yet some ego alien stuff..

umm nope actually..

how little do we know ourselves!

like eating, "sound of sea" at a sensory restaurant...say..The Fat Duck !

or some more European fantasies like.. Spanish guitar and paella in Barcelona..

or this "stream of consciousness" buisness...

and improvising my notions of communism.. etc etc

Anyways latest a directorial fantasy..

Attempts on Her Life , by Martin Crimp

it belongs to "In-yer-face" theater ..i once enjoyed reading about..

though sadly with preconceived notions of the Guy ,who wrote about it !

Antithetic indeed :)

so staging it and experiencing it..

umm, not in that order though !

gonna be a delicacy, well...may be :)

nothing much fancy..

it is essentially a play..

Open to interpretation..

Like I



  1. " i have struggled the most,
    just to be My self !"

    hmm isn't that great?

  2. yes tay i know " u have struggled the most, just to b Ur self!!!!!!! " u r really gr8!!! :)

  3. @Swapnagandha, thats very sweet of u :)



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